Free hidden hinges and magnetic lock


Limited Time Only!

Price per 1 Hinge $39
Standard door Require Two (2) Hinges

Minimum Order Quantity - 2 Hinges (2-piece per door)

Single Acting for Interior Doors

  • Minimum Door Thickness - 1-1/2"
  • Maximum Weight up to 135 lbs. with 2 Hinges for standard 3'-0" x 6'-8" door
Height = 5 ½" x Width = ¾" x Depth = "
Hidden hinges

Technical drawing

Magnetic lock European handles

US standart modern Stainless Steel Lever handles with 2-3/8 backsets

Each set (2 handles & with Privacy pin) $64

Other door hardwares

Our high quality Italian Magnetic Mortise lock are tested and conform to European standards to complete the overall standard of our doors.

Magnetic Advantages:

  • When door is open is no lock part will face out.
  • Magnetic lock is completely silent, due to spring sound absent of latch tongue at closing/opening of a door.
  • Small angle of handle turn at closing/opening with magnetic lock.
  • Life time operation of the magnetic lock.
  • The mechanical test of 200 000 cycles or door closing/opening with magnetic lock.
  • Easy installation.
  • Non-failure operation.


Magnetic Description:

  • Lock made from polyamide with fiber optics threads, the same materials applied to manufacturing details of Formula-1 racing cars.
  • The constant magnet is made from Ferrimax 44, with great heat and a moisture resistance.

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