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Concealed Sliding System with dual shock absorbing stop

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MAGIC - Concealed Sliding System for solid core wooden doors

Innovative sliding designs system with air door stopper. Aesthetically innovative, this system gives a new concept of your sliding doors. Thanks to the absence of the cover for sliding track which guarantees a nice and modern design. The new system invisible for sliding doors exterior wooden wall that allows you to completely hide the view of the sliding track, both with open door with the door closed.

A patented and innovative product that combines aesthetic and functional research in response to the needs of practical challenges increasingly complex imposed by the market.

Elevated aesthetic content, ease installation and quality of every single detail. The sliding system is equipped with high-performance shock absorbers that allow soft braking in both opening and closing, also the whole mechanism completely invisible gives the whole an extremely linear and essential.

Door Thickness Min 1-3/8"
Net opening Width Door width - 8.5"
Min Door Width 26" for opening 18.5"
Door Width Rought opening Width + 4" Min
Door Height Rough opening Height + 4" Min
If Rough Opening = 30"× 80" Door slab = 34" × 84" or bigger
Max door weight 200 lbs
Warranty 2 years
Concealed Sliding System for only $425***
* The bottom rollers need to run on a solid floor, if carpet is present then a running strip must be installed.

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Magic Sliding Door Advantages

1. No lower track on the floor

Contemporary Sliding Door hardware

Patented concealed system for external wall sliding doors with shock-absorbing stops.

2. No upper tracks on the wall

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