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Inner steel reinforcement profiles of 2-3/4” uPVC windows by Schueco (Germany) with 5 chambers, double sealing, and heat insulated slopes (0.4”)


Sound reduction – up to 46 Db! due to different intermediate space between three thick glass sheets. Water tightness 5 year warranty


U-value is up to 0.22 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – 0.61 Triple glazing with a glass thickness of 1/8” Low-E, ClimaGuard Solar glasses Argon filled


Burglary resistant Safe for children TILT & TURN opening system with microventilation function based on Roto (Germany) Hardware


More than 15 colors of lamination by RENOLIT (Germany)


Price for 5'x5' Double Tilt&Turn Sashes is $599!

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When selecting uPVC windows, you look for quality, design and innovation that can only be provided by one the most famous and time-proved manufacturers in the world.

We want to introduce you a company that combines all these features in its products.

In 1954 all people around the world were looking for development and fresh ideas in this sphere, and Schueco (Germany) became a forefront of progress due to the strong connection with modern technologies.

To the present day Schueco opens new business and innovative horizons being a symbol of German good conscience, quality, and leadership in manufacturing uPVC window systems.

Choosing Schueco windows you choose universal 5-chambered profiles with double sealing and inner steel reinforcement for stability, reliability and long service life.

Look at these photos from BAU 2015 Exhibition – do you think all these people around the Schueco stands are random and lost their way? Of course, NOT, and we are going to produce you several reasons for this.

Do you want to reduce your energy bill and increase the insulation of your house at the same time? And what about better soundproofing features on top?

Well, maybe all this sounds fantastic and unachievable, but we have even a price for this solution for you!

As a solution we offer you German windows by Schueco with solid profiles Corona CT 70 Classic. All these windows are triple glazed with ClimaGuard Solar and low-e glasses that protects your windows from excessive UV/sun rays in summer and increases heat insulation in winter /due to low emissivity of infrared/, doesn’t worsen the glass transparency, and reduces your energy expenses for air cooling and warming in 2-2.5 times!

By the way three glasses with a thickness of 1/8” each and different intermediate spaces between them lead to higher sound reduction and heat transfer coefficient (U-value is up to 0.22).

Just imagine these figures – it’s half as much as average parameters of regular uPVC windows.

If soundproofing of 46 Db is not enough for you, we can offer one more option – 1/4” architectural exterior glass filled with argon!

Is there any need to tell you about water tightness?! Of course, Schueco windows comply with all international standards and Class A9 according to DIN EN 12208 in particular.

Also our windows can help you to personalize the house and add some artistic elements due to the optional profile lamination from RENOLIT Germany with 10 year warranty.

We have 15 different colors. The main of them are rustic/golden/dark oak, black cherry, and mahogany. The rest you can order now and in 2-3 weeks you will get your own window style that completely fits your interior and exterior design.

Besides the fact that RENOLIT EXOFOL MX turns any surface in the exterior area into a sight, it keeps profiles in shape due to Solar Shield Technology (SST) that acts like a shield against the sun and a long-term protection for colors and woodgrains from fading and bad weather conditions.

The last you need to do is to choose!

And of course, we should mention our innovative burglary-resistant and child-safe TILT & TURN opening system from German hardware manufacturer ROTO NT!

The aim of this opening system is microventilation that’s why tilt&turn windows can both swing in and tilt in with a simple turn of the ergonomical handle. And don’t worry about burglars and safety of your children – ROTO NT has already decided these problems.

Now you can forget about all issues concerning low-quality windows, because now we guarantee those advantages that other vendors can’t even do.

And now is the right time to tell you the UNBELIAVABLE PRICE for a such window 5'x5' with all components –

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